Non Fictional Campaign

hypnos: sleep bank

Art Direction, Advertising, UX/UI

Awarded 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze at the
Crowbar Awards by the Association of Accredited
Advertising Agents Singapore (4As).


When we think of debt, the first thing that usually comes to mind is student loans, mortgages or credit card debts. All of which, relates to using money, is not something you would want in your life and can make your life uncomfortable if you do.

Sleep debt, the other hand, which is the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep, has its similar consequences, and yet we still have people neglect the issue. Just like money, we can always borrow sleep but at some point we have to pay it back, with interest.

The Solution

Hypnos Sleep Bank is an initiative that aims to provide youths with the knowledge and tools to lead a more productive life by not being a victim of sleep deprivation.

Just like how a bank helps you track your finances, Hypnos has created a new system through a mobile application, to track your sleeping hours. It’s as if sleep hours is a new currency.

This currency is called Z Coins. Users will receive Z coins when they get the recommended hours of sleep and get penalised when they don’t.


The mobile application


The Hypnos App is a sleep tracking app that works on a reward and penalty based system. By getting the recommended hours of sleep each night, you will be rewarded with Z coins (Sleep Currency) on a column and on days that you don’t, you will be penalised by having debt added into another column. Being able to track our sleep in a perspective that it has value will help users to feel more protective of their resting time.


The App will greet you with a welcome screen and tutorial to get you started using the app. You will have to create an account so that your data can be stored and viewed on other devices.


The profile page will give you an overview of your sleep quality and analysis for the week. While the Insights page will give you a deeper analysis of your sleep with stats such as heart rate, motion and sound.


There are 4 sleep tracking modes on the app. Normal mode is where you set the time just like an alarm clock. It will tell you how many hours of sleep and coins you will receive before you begin.The other modes are Power Nap, Recovery Nap and Full Cycle Nap.


The shop page will feature items or services that you can purchase and book by using Z coins.Items that can help improve one’s sleep includemattresses, pillows and diffusers.


The Dark mode feature will help users reduce eye strain at night when using the app.


Based on your sleep analysis, you will get recommended sleep tips that can help you improve your sleep quality.



As a publicity stunt, a pop up ATM designed in Hypnos branding will be set up at those locations too. The ATM won’t dispense money, but will attract a number of passerby to stop and check out what the bank is about.

THE pr mailer

PR mailer consisting of a letter to the audience, a Guide Book (30pp) to better sleep and a ‘credit card’, will be give out to youths of Singapore. The Credit Card is where users can get free Z coins for their app by scanning the QR Code. The Guide Book designed to imitate a Bank Passbook.

Instagram posts

An Instagram account will be created featuring teaser posts that will introduce the bank to youths of Singapore and to keep viewers engaged with our content, there will be daily posts providing viewers with different ways they can improve their sleeping habits.

Spotify ads

Also catering to the fact that youths spend a lot of their time not only on social media but streaming platforms as well, there will also be Banner and Audio Spotify ads running throughout the campaign.



Advertisements in the Hypnos campaign will lead viewers to the Hypnos Website, where they will get to find out more about the campaign, the Hypnos App and other services we offer. Prototyped on Wix